Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jounal Community Project

Spoke to Rob confirming what he had in mind for the community project.

While it appears easy enough the one difficulty I assume will be getting the information out to everyone. There are still many people out there who still rely on snail mail. This will not provide them with adequate time to receive questions by post so some alternative arrangement may have to be made. At this stage the project is envisaged to trial for two months after which he will decide how things are going and may wish to take it over from there.

One of the key criterion will be working in a redundancy into the system so that anyone skilled enough in the mechanics of puting together the questions will be able to run it when I am not here. This is mainly as a provision for when I am away overseas or when someone else takes over the running of it. The key thing is always build away from oneself. If something is living it will take on a life of its own, all that is needed is some oversight and pruning.

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