Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Community Project development 2 The continuing saga

From lists of home group leaders, I gathered the information necessary to contact them quickly. Rob’s basic premise is that the Bible studies during the week will be based on the sermon form Sunday. This provides a level of continuity for the groups and strengthens the impact of the message on the hearers. It also means that any questions or difficulties with the message are nutted out in a small group setting. It is logical that people will be more inclined to air their difficulties or lack of understanding in a small group context than in a large setting such as a Sunday morning service. The key is therefore to get the material to the small groups as soon as they have been prepared.

Electronic media such as emails or web sites are the ideal forums for getting information out to people quickly. The difficulty in a church context is that many older people do not have access to this technology.

For this reason I contacted all the leaders and a few core members of home groups to ascertain whether they use the Internet and to what extent email would meet the needs for getting information to them quickly.

I created a special group that I set up specifically for Home group leaders within Microsoft outlook and made a note of those for whom I did not have email addresses. The email addresses were then added to this group. By putting the lists together in this way saves time, so that individual members addresses don’t need o be added and posted one by one.

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