Thursday, May 5, 2005

Did a trial of the new format of bible study on our own group on Teusday night. It went OK although I felt like I was on trial as it was my own work. I think that the length was just right as it left enough flexibility for th groups to go in different directions. I got feedback from that while he disliked working from a set structure that it allowed him to return to it when His group got sidetracked. He also questioned the relevance of the launching question to the study.
My own personal opinion is that there should be more open-ended questions, which don’t have a set answer in mind, but allow the groups to explore the topic.

I decided to visit another home group to see how the format was put into action. This I did by visiting the Falconers group on Thursday night. Usually it is run by Isabel although Deb Prodo runs it when she is away.

It was really good to be a fly on the wall at this group. They latched onto the launching question well and there were a few stories to tell and then the study began. In spite of not having printed a leaders answer sheet Isabel did very well. In fact the whole evening went really well. I came away pleased with the result.

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