Friday, August 19, 2005

The Long awaited time has arrived

Well, its official. We are off on six weeks of glorious holiday aka cleaning out mum and dads garage. We leave Sydney on the 24th of August and will return to Wagga around the twelfth of October. We would like to thank in advance David Ford for staying at our home and looking after georgia in our absence, mate you are a blessing. Please contact David should you need to get in touch with us urgently, he will know how to get in touch with us. For those of you who would like to know what we are up to here is a brief itinerary. please use the following email address while we are away:

Brief Itinerary
  • We leave Syndey for Munich via Hong Kong, where we will spend about four hours. God willing we will dash into the city via high speed train.
  • When we reach Munich we will have travelled 24 hours. Here we will hire a car for 10 days and proceed to the next checkpoint. We will be met at the airport by Erika an old freind of Ammi's and also a lovely christian. We will converse in broken german as we travel down the A8 Autobahn through Bavaria, where the round, cuddly, gregarious germans live. (the one-click variety generally live in the north). We will try to look in on a Schloss (castle) or two on the way. Our end point of that day is Freilassing which is on the Austrian german border, a stones throw from Salzburg.
  • We spend the next three days exploring Saltzburg and surrounds, hopefully visiting Mozarts birthplace, havine a beenenstich or two and one or two pints of Lager. (thats right Andy, it comes in pints)
  • From here we travel to the Czech republic, where I will attempt to throw a local off the highest tower of Wenceslas castle, just to see if the Czech bounces. we spend the next two or three days in Prague
  • Next stop is Dresden which is in former East Germany. Dresden was a civilian city which was bombed in the second world war, and has been rebuilt.
  • From Dresden we travel to the famous Nuremburg where the trial of Nazi war criminals was held. (don't mention the war)
  • After another day exploring Nuremburg we travel back to munich airport where we ditch the car and collect our next clue. (its a picture of inspector cleuso)
  • Its off to Paris for four days. We will be staying in Monmarte which is best known for its artistic community and as home of le Moulin Rouge. The problem with topless dancing is that not everything stops when the music does.
  • On the sixth of September we will be travelling on the Chunnel train to Londinium, the capital of the greater United Kingdom and home to many strange men in bowler hats. Here we will be catching up with old uni freinds and generally doing the tourist thing. We will try and catch up with family while we are there.
  • On the ninth of September we leave London with the hound of the baskervilles at our heals. We head for Frankfurt airport where we are incarcerated for several hours for questioning from the northern germans. We then fly on to South Africa.
  • We fly into Johannesburg, then hop over the Boerewors curtain to Pretoria. This is my home town. Recently renamed Tswane (the place of the baboon), it is South Africa's administrative capital. Ironically the place is crawling with public servants. (apologies to my Canberra Family)
  • After a week of sorting out boxes and catching up with the outlaws in Pretoria, we are off to Bloemfontein, birthplace of J.R.R. Tolkien. We spend two weeks catching up with my parents and may try and include a trip to Lesotho, a mountainous kingdom landlocked by South Africa, and the smallest kingdom in the Southern Hemisphere. I will also be doing some research on the Anglo Boer war whilst in Bloem.
  • Next we head up country to the north, to the very border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. We will be attending a ceremony to unveil a new well in one of the communities and seeing the countryside where I grew up, which is steeped in legend and myth. This is also the part of South Africa with the least western influence. We pass by not far from where the breaker was shot.
  • Returning to Pretoria we spend a bit more time catching up with freinds and family
  • Ammi is giving a talk at her old university in Pretoria.
  • Five of us will be going on safari to the Kruger National Park, my old stomping ground from when I did safaris.
  • W e will be spending the first night in Pretoriuskop, an area known for its white rhino, cheetah and Sable antelope.
  • Next we spend two days in Lower Sabie, one of the warmest camps and also home to the highest concentration of wild lions per square kiometer anywhere in the world. Here we hope to spend the end of each day at a waterhole, looking at crocs and hippo's and the stunning birdlife. The area is rich in many types of game.
  • Following her tenth school reunion we prepare for the return journey to Oz.
  • Much snot-n-trane as we leave again for Oz and Wagga wagga on the tenth of October.

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Scott Hill said...

6 weeks! Man you Europeans really know how to vacation. I think all of us Yanks could learn a thing or two about being overworked.