Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The quiet mind. Not an original, but hey, its contemplative

The Quiet Mind

I have a treasure which I prize;
The like I cannot find
Theres nothing like it on the earth:
It is the quiet mine
But tis not that I’m stupified
Or sensless, dull or blind:
Tis Gods own peace within my soul
Which forms my quiet mind.

I found this treasure at the Cross.
Tis there to every kind
Of heavy laden, weary souls
Christ gives a quiet mind.
My saviours death and risen life
To give this were designed
And that’s the root and that’s the branch
of this my quiet mind
The love of God within my heart
My heart to his doth bind
This is the mind of heaven on earth;
This is my quiet mind

I have many crosses to take up now
And many left behind
But present trials move me not
Nor shake my quiet mind.
And what may be to-morrows cross
I never seek to find
My saviour says, leave that to Me
And keep your quiet mind.
I met with pride and wit and wealth
And scorn and looks unkind
It matters naught. I envy not.
For I’ve a quiet mind

I’m waiting now to see the Lord,
Who has been to me so kind:
I want to thank him face to face
For this my quiet mind

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