Sunday, December 30, 2007

The annual Christmas catchup thing

Dear Friends both near and far away.

G'day from Wagga Wagga.

2007 has been a year of adventure and growth!

Tim started working as a full time manager-missionary for Christian Literature Crusade, in November 2006. He spends most of his time at the Wagga Christian bookshop, ministering to people as they come in and sharing the good news about Jesus.

Ammi continues to work as a specialist audiologist with Australian Hearing in Wagga.

We were given an amazing wedding anniversary gift in the form of tickets to Circ Du Solaie in Canberra -We had a fabulous time with James and Belinda and Family. Thanks guys! We still marvel at the amazing costumes, acrobatics and contortions.

By far the best circus we've every seen.

Another wedding anniversary gift included a home cooked meal for 12 of our friends so we could catch up with many of our Canberra Friends all at once. Thank you Tim and Tegan for your generosity and hospitality.
In January my sister Veronica had a fantastic idea, she thought that it would be great to meet up in Thailand and for my 30th birthday in April. We'd go Scuba diving in the Andaman sea!

It was fantastic!
What a treat to spend quality time with Veronica and Alexis and of course Tim!
I could write volumes and if you'd like you can see some of the photos they are on our blog at

Unfortunately Tim had caught a bug before we left and he was not able to dive. L

We had a lovely time relaxing and we even did a Thai cooking course.

On our return we decided to become sponsor parents of a seven year old Thai boy. His nickname is Bus. It has been a great joy receiving his letters, drawings and to know that we are making a real difference in his life.

We have also been enjoying regular art classes, with some scenes from Thailand becoming our inspirations. Also see Blog

In September, Ammi went up to Coffs Harbour to complete the Abiding Life conference Seminar and the Unique self test seminar.

This was very worthwhile and rewarding. It was lovely to be at the sea again!
I had the privilege of travelling up and rooming with a friend, Sharon.
In October we travelled to Canberra and attended the CRC State conference where
Tim was Ordained as a Trainee Pastor. It was a joy and privilege to be there and to catch the vision of a "Passionate Church"

Tim now has a period of mentoring and study to equip him to pastor, with God's help of course.

Our home church is a constant source of growth and God uses them to encourage, lead and challenge us on to "be all that we already are in Christ and to show others this truth".

Tim has had an itinerant preaching ministry to some of the local churches around Wagga. It has been very encouraging and to us and them. We've loved ministering together. A highlight included spending time in Bright with the church from Holbrook when Tim was asked to be the speaker at their church camp.

We continue to do marriage preparation with couples. We have also had a very special year building each other up in our faith during our Bible Study group sessions. Thank you to Rose and Peter for hosting us and to everyone who's been a part of it. We have loved leading the group.

We are also involved with the planning of the Riverina Christian Convention (25-27 January 2008) and a Children's camp in April with the western theme of "Serve and Protect" (16- 18 April 2008)

We have had such fun telling people about our latest news. We are anticipating the arrival of a little Narraway in June next year!
So far all is going very well all things considered and we are feeling very blessed.

I have been experiencing the reality and profoundness that the children of God can call on Him for help. And surely He does listen and He does help and He is Good all the time. We will be relying on Him to guide us and strengthen us as we embark on the new adventure of parenthood.

For next year, we look forward to Tim presenting some modules at a children's ministry training event in Sydney and later again in Wagga.

We'll be treated to a visit from my Mum in June when the baby arrives!
Feel free to follow our lives and growth J on our blogsite

We wish you armfuls of the very best including a very Blessed Christmas and a fantastic 2008 filled with His Peace, Joy and Blessings.
We thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Much love,

Tim, Ammi + ?

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