Sunday, December 31, 2006

HI to all you precious people in my life.
I'm writing this on the eve of a new year and I must say that I am filled with hopeful anticipation. :) It's a good place to be.

Tim and I have had a lovely week relaxing, getting things done, visiting
with friends and doing some house renovations.
I now have a real door bell - it is a smaller version of a church bell and
even I should hear it :)
We also have doors that close, hinges that have been fixed, a clock outdoors
so I don't have to come in to find out what the time is when my hands are
muddy and we have done our first bit of plastering. The wall in the passage
way now has plaster on it. We will be painting it a colour called soft sand
(same as our ceilings.)
The weather has been quite kind and presently I am savouring the sound of
rain drops on the roof. We sure hope that it is a sign of rain to come as
we've had the driest year since 1967.
We've also take our bikes for 3 lovely rides.
Tonight we go out to a farm to relax and see in the New Year.
We are thinking of all of you and we miss you. Your lives have all left
beautiful treasures in our hearts.
We remember with fondness so many memories and we hold you close.
May 2007 be a year of great joy, may your hearts be filled with His peace. I
pray that you will have fantastic health and resources to do what you need
to and want to do.
I wish you all every happiness
Happy New Year!

Much love
Prince also says
Happy New Year

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Lana said...

Hello Smoother Prince and Princess!

We hope and pray that you have a wonderful 2007 and it brings much joy and happiness to your lives.

So glad to hear the renovations are coming along. We are in the middle of renovating too - it is exciting and frustrating (at how slow it is) at the same time! How lucky we are to have houses that we can renovate hey. Thanks God!

Happy 2007 :-)

Big hugs,
Lana xx
(Mike says hi too)