Friday, December 29, 2006

Jesus is coming - look busy

What a busy time the silly season has been.
I have survived this most eventful year, taking over running the local christian bookshop, and then within a space of two months moving the bookshop to a new location, six weeks out from Christmas, and then narrowly missing losing the bookshop to a fire at the cafe in the shopping centre we relocated to.
I recently had a few much needed days off during which I picked up a set of Winston Churchills' account of the Second World War. Most of them were first editions, and being an avid reader of Churchills other works I was rather chuffed.
Needless to say the blog has been a bit quiet so I thought that it was about time to add a few thoughts on Christmas. On the tenth of December I preached on the virgin birth, (more correctly the virginal conception). I titled the talk "What do we gain from the virgin birth?"
G- Firstly, it tells us something about God. We better understand the nature of our creator through his divine agency and interventions. he is the one who reveals himself to us and among us. Furthermore the virgin birth reveals;
A- God is able
Its all about the supernatural power of God, to deny the virgin birth is to deny Gods supernatural power. Sometimes we are more comfortable with a weak God. We are sometimes so wrapped up int the idea of mans free will that we dont extend the same courtesy to God. God is a free agent. He is soveign and will and plans according to his good purpose pleasure and Glory.
Thank God that He sent Jesus. Jesus is God with skin on, therefore He can identify with our weakness, and therefore truly be our advocate.
I- God is Interested
It was GODS initiative to send his son, Mary was not involved, she was merely informed. Her response however demonstated faith.
N- God is Near
The virgin birth is the second most disputed and controvertial doctine after the ressurrection. It is also the most scary doctrine, I believe, because it tells us not only that God has drawn near.
but that God is in my space, he is in my face, and I have to decide what to do with this man/God Jesus. We see that the principle question asked in the book of John is "Who is this Jesus?" It is the most important question we can ask today.
in conclusion as Christians we have a very unique message to give to the world.
People need to know that God is able, God is interested and God is near.

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